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Umberto Di Mario Foundation

  • Largo E. Marchiafava, 1
  • +39064456599
  • info@fondazionedimario.org

Fondazione Umberto Di Mario was founded in 2000 on the initiative of a group of exponents from the scientific world in Italy, who were united by the common goal of actively promoting research, study and training in the biomedical sector.

In the choice of its name and in the carrying out of its activities, the Foundation is inspired by the example and testimony of one of its founders, Prof. Umberto Di Mario, an illustrious physician and Professor of Endocrinology at La Sapienza University in Rome as well as the Chairman of the Società Italiana di Diabetologia (Italian Society of Diabetology).

During his years as a university professor and scientist, Prof. Di Mario dedicated his work, life and social efforts to a clear yet ambitious project: "Fostering quality of life with research", in other words "motivating and directing the enthusiasm and creativity of talented persons coming from different training experiences towards a new scientific research ideal, understood, in a broad sense, as a means of critical reflection on the basic values of the individual and humanity as a whole, as well as a key factor in the sustainable progress of a healthy civil, free and dynamic society."

In short, a new frontier destined to morally, socially and politically characterise the civilization that we live in. Upon the death of Prof. Di Mario, on 16 February 2004, the group of exponents from the scientific world in Italy who had founded the Foundation, took their cue from his experience and established the creation of this project as a fundamental goal.



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Fondazione Umberto Di Mario ONLUS
Largo Ettore Marchiafava, 1
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+39 06 4456599
PEC: fondazionedimario@pec.it